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1.  When does registration start? 

  • Registration for Spring/Summer 2023 begins on November 1, 2022 at www.ggsl.org.

2.  When does registration end?          

  • Registration ends on March 31, 2023; however, some teams will fill up long before then.   Don’t wait to register!

3.  How much are the registration fees?

  • The regular registration fee for 2023 is: $75 for TYKES/6U/8U; $100 for 10U and up. 
  • $10 Late Fee Begins February 1, 2022

4.  Is there a sibling discount? 

  • Each additional sibling's payment is reduced by $10. This excludes TYKEs, 6U and 8U.

5.  When does the season begin?

  • The summer program begins mid-May and runs through SoccerFest weekend, July 14-16. 
  • Games are at G&T Sports Park.

6.  Can I get a refund?

7. What does my child receive from GGSL?

  • Players will receive a jersey, shorts and socks for all age groups.

8.  What equipment does my child need?

  • Each player must have a pair of cleats, shin guards and a soccer ball.

9.  When will the schedule be released? 

  • Schedules will be released by April 30, 2023.  Games are primarily played on Monday - Thursday evenings, with some Fridays as makeups.  Game Days.

10.  Can I volunteer to be a coach?

  • YES!  If you are interested in coaching, please register on the website ASAP.  Please indicate your child's name and level in the comments section. 

11.  When are practices?

  • Practice times are determined by each coach at the start of the season.  No extra practices are offered for TYKES or 6U.

12.  Can my child play up (or down)?

  • All players must play in the age-appropriate group (based on birth year) regardless of size or ability.  This is a New York State West Youth Soccer Association rule.  

13.  What about team requests - coach, player, etc (for carpool purposes, because they are neighbors, best friends, classmates, played together last year, etc.)? 

  • You may make ONE team request.  Requests must be made in the comments section of the registration.  We cannot guarantee ANY requests, as we strive to make teams as fair and even as possible.
  • PLEASE DO NOT MAKE MULTIPLE REQUESTS (ex. Coach Smith and Jane Doe and John Doe).

14. Can travel players play on a GGSL team?

  • MURSL does not allow travel players. Therefore, 16U  girls may not have any travel players on teams.  For boys, currently, 10U, 13U and 16U are enrolled in MURSL and may not have travel players.  For all other age groups, travel players will be limited to 2 per team to keep the league fair and fun for players of all levels.